Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This post was pleasantly prompted by a Facebook friend. Here it goes:

1) I was born near Chicago, moved San Jose when I was 2, to Orange County CA when I was 9, to Plainfield CT when I was 18, and to MA when I was 23. Here I am…where now Lord?

2) A big fan of pickled eggs, Buffalo wings, salsa, pizza, Bonnie’s bean dip and Frank’s hot sauce
3) Married to a wonderful woman far better than I deserve, the love of my life, my best friend...Bonnie.

4) Someday I would love to write a book…maybe more than one…but just one would be great. Do a little writing, as time allows, on blogger and hubpages.
5) Am very shy in social settings and not so skilled at small talk, but I like to teach…although still have much to learn about doing it well.
6) Very appreciative of the Puritan authors such as John Owen, Thomas Watson, Bunyan, Newton, Goodwin and Burroughs.
7) Enjoy reading but don’t have as much time for it now as I would like. Mostly theology, biographies and the Classics.
8) Don’t have much time for TV. But when I do I watch Monk (with Bonnie), Psych (with Evan) and animated Disney shows with the other kids.

9) Bad at most word games and puzzles. Actually…I just don’t really like games. Pretty dull huh?
10) Years of fish keeping experience. I have enjoyed freshwater, tropical, and saltwater tanks. Currently I have just 1 freshwater Cichlid tank…and a couple snapping turtles.

11) Toyota Pickups are my vehicle of choice. I have an 06 Tundra at the moment.
12) Have a few recipes I like to make, like Sausage Bake Florentine, chocolate truffles and a fun breakfast bread with ham and cheese and tomato. But mostly Bonnie does all the cooking…and it is wonderful!!
13) Enjoy surprising Bonnie with little getaways from time to time…but I do this far too infrequently. Must make some more efforts here in 2009…

14) Basketball player in high school.
15) Live in Whitinsville, MA. Yeah, I know, you’ve never heard of it.
16) Owning my own business or service has always been a dream. Maybe someday…
17) Only one sibling, my brain surgeon brother (okay, he’s a PA…but still very cool!), and he has a great wife and family and lives too far away…but we very much look forward to seeing this summer.
18) Dell Laptop owner and love researching stuff on the internet. Probably waste too much time on it.

19) Organized. LOL. NOT!!!
20) Father of 4 amazing children whom I love. Two boys two girls. The first and last were born on the same day…9 years apart.

21) Java nut. Yes…I love a good cup of coffee. Mostly hot…but iced is nice as well.
22) Expecting the return of Christ
23) Serve my church as an elder (weakly, poorly, and far less perfectly than I ought) and have taught Sunday school for 13 years. Spent 10 years teaching through Romans and that, next to my conversion, has been the single most influential spiritual experience of my life.
24) University of CT graduate in 1993, school of pharmacy. Worked 5 years for Brooks, 10 years for WalMart, and now work for a pharmacy website business: Fingertip Formulary.
25) So if you have actually read this far you should know that the most important thing about me can only be discovered by taking the first letter in each of the 25 things and forming an 8 word sentence.

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David C. Innes said...

Sink me! I did not catch the statement formed by the first letters when I read it on Facebook. (Is that called an acrostic, or does that have follow the alphabet?)