I have spent a considerable amount of time teaching through Colossians.  I began teaching it in our adult Sunday School class at Immanuel Chapel in Upton, MA in January of 2007.  At the time of writing this we are currently up to chapter 3, around verse 17 or so. 
We move slowly.  But we also break up the study with considerable other teaching topics like R.C. Sproul videos or other mini-lessons. 
It occurred to me that the notes I use for teaching might just be of use to someone else.  Teaching is different than preaching, and requires a different approach.  Most commentaries, in my opinion, are better suited to preparing sermons than preparing Sunday school lessons.  As such, the outlines which I have developed for the sake of teaching may just be of use to others who are also involved in teaching this book.  Or maybe you are just studying Colossians, and want to browse what others have said.
And so I have decided to publish these notes.  In fact, I have wanted to do so for some time, but was hampered by the reality that the notes, as I prepare them for teaching, are not at all in a format that you would typically find in a polished book or commentary.  But recognizing that it is unlikely I will have the time to actually put them into a more suitable form, I have opted to publish them "as is" for the world to see.  I therefore offer my apologies that they will require the reader to invest some time into sorting through them. 
The file format below indicates the chapter and verse (roughly) that was being dealt with in those notes.  Colossians 1.1 is chapter 1 verse 1. 

Intro Lesson 1

Intro Lesson 2-4

Colossians 1.1

Colossians 1.3

Colossians 1.3b

Colossians 1.5

Colossians 1.7

Colossians 1.9

Colossians 1.9b

Colossians 1.10

Colossians 1.10b

Colossians 1.10c

Colossians 1.11

Colossians 1.11b

Colossians 1.11c

Colossians 1.11d

Colossians 1.12

Colossians 1.14

Colossians 1.14b

Colossians 1.15

Colossians 1.15b

Colossians 1.15c

Colossians 1.15d

Colossians 1.16

Colossians 1.18

Colossians 1.18b

Colossians 1.19

Colossians 1.20

Colossians 1.20b

Colossians 1.21 outline

Colossians 1.21

Colossians 1.24 outline

Colossians 1.24a

Colossians 1.25

Colossians 1.26

Colossians 1.26 (2)

Colossians 1.28

Colossians 1.29

Colossians Teaching Overview


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