Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spiritual Bankruptcy

"Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any, came from behind and touched the border of His garment  and immediately her flow of blood stopped." 
Luke 8:43-44

O my soul.  In these words, "spent all her livelihood," I think we find the true secret to spiritual health and healing.  There is a world of difference between those who come to Christ lacking something, and those who come to Christ having nothing.  Many are looking for a spiritual experience to supplement their otherwise worldly lives.  Many look for religion to satisfy some felt need for connection with a higher power.  But oh how few come to Christ admitting and acknowledging that they are utterly and entirely bankrupt, having nothing left at all and seeking everything from the Savior of sinners?  What is needed today more than anything is a revival of spiritual bankruptcy.  What is needed today is an utter collapse of our economy of self-worth.  What is needed today is a great depression of our spiritual pride that only looks to Jesus for a little help, a little advice, a little comfort...rather than falling before Him knowing that He is our only hope for we have "spent all" and have nothing left.

And you, O my soul, have as much to repent of as the most worldly and Godless ones in our society.  Do you think that somehow, having come to Christ, that you have any riches, any resources, any accomplishments that are valuable apart from Him?  O for a more humble heart that properly perceives my utter dependence upon my Savior for any good!  O for a more present awareness of my bankruptcy apart from Him who is my Bread of life, my Living fountain of water. 

O my soul, let no day pass you by in which you are not - as this poor sick woman - reaching out to lay hold of your Savior as your only hope.  The moment I think I am well, and have no need for His healing, is the moment in which my spiritual decline begins.  But O what encouragement is found a bit further in the text, when Jesus said concerning her touch "I perceive power going out from Me."  Power.  Power to fight the war with sin, both within and without.  Power to live for Him who died for me.  Power to be bold in speaking up on His behalf.  Power to endure the trials and troubles of this life that so often overwhelm the soul.  Christian, that is the same power He offers today - but only upon the terms of our spiritual poverty.  And thus the believer is truly the one who has nothing, but possesses all things. 

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Bev said...

"And thus the believer is truly the one who has nothing, but possesses all things."
Amen, Jason!