Monday, October 19, 2009

Pastor Marquis Sermon Psalm 119:161-168

Still playing with my new MP3 recorder. I recorded a sermon preached by my pastor at Immanuel Chapel last night. He has been preaching through Psalm 119. These messages have been challenging and encouraging. If you live near Upton, and do not already have a home church, can I warmly invite you to visit us at Immanuel on Sunday?

If you are reading this on will only get the audio by going to my blog:

Your soul's well-wisher,


Chunling Ma said...

Hi, Jason, where is the mp3 file? I can't find it.

Jason Poquette said...

It is in the player which is in the body of the blog posting. Can you see it? It will eventually be on the church website for downloading also.